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The VIP Room
Forever and for Always!
Hot and Horny 
28th-Apr-2008 06:43 am
brian licks justin by nanoa
Last night was definitely one of our top 5! After I checked on Gus and Kinnetik you were ready, willing and more than able to play all night. I'm glad with Gus around we did get some sleep.

Gus slept through the night. Do you know he mumbles in his sleep? I think he said French fries at some point so we'll definitely meet at the diner for lunch. Besides it'll give Deb her jollies for the week.

In the meantime, I think Gus will be getting up soon so I'll start to organize a fabulous breakfast of cereal, toast and milk for my two boys. Both of you need to keep up your strength for the big day ahead. We'll eat in the sun room, as planned.

Did you see -- someone (who wouldn't confess they're fucking name) gave me a set of handcuffs on my journal. The person congratulated us on our commitment. What am I supposed to do about it and how the fuck did they get it there? It certainly gave me some ideas for tonight, depending on Gus' newly acquired sleep pattern. Otherwise tomorrow night will do. I think I still have a set of leather trimmed cuffs in "the box" on the top shelf of the closet, next to the porn collection. Being a parent makes some things far less convenient.

Check out this site. You can do it on the Treo. I was thinking about the Hummer or the Infinity, but see what you think.


I hear Gus on the monitor. Off to dress my son in some acceptable clothing. Not that shit that Linds sent over with him.
28th-Apr-2008 11:47 am (UTC)
You said that you weren't interested in tricking as long as you were satisfied and had ALL your needs met. I was inspired for both of us, but you definitely reminded me why you are Pittsburgh's legendary top.

I think this one: http://www.autos.com/autos/sport%20utility/luxury/2008/infiniti/fx45/base

Because it looks just sleek enough that if you have to use it in place of the 'Vette (which is possible), you won't mind driving it either.

Breakfast in the sun room was wonderful. I only wish I'd been able to linger. I'm sitting in art history class now--thanks for dropping me off. A little sleepy. Do you think we can take a nap when/if Gus does? You can wear me out a little first, of course, but that early morning class on Monday is always a bitch...

Hmmmm, someone may have given you the handcuffs, but I have no doubt who will be wearing them tonight, depending on Gus's sleep patterns.

We can read to him again. I'd like to sketch you sitting on the side of his bed, book open, Gus leaning sleepily against you.

Speaking of sketching, two of my finished canvases were gone when I showed up. I hadn't locked them away since they were still drying on Friday. Fuck.

See you and Gus at the diner later before the car shopping excursion. Maybe Mel will be there and actually speak to her son, the one she hopes to claim with her baby-making gambit.

Edited at 2008-04-28 11:56 am (UTC)
28th-Apr-2008 01:34 pm (UTC)
If you keep me THAT satisfied this arrangement will work out just fine! Legends are usually based on some element of truth. My legend is closer to truth than most.

You have fabulous taste in cars. Although the 'vette is hardly ever out of commission, this would certainly make up for it in the driving experience. You'll look hot in it. How about black?

A nap while Gus naps, with a little extra incentive, sounds like the perfect midday distraction. We'll enjoy our nap right after lunch and then visit the car dealer during the mid-afternoon lull. Monday afternoons they'll be itching to make a sale. All the better for the bargaining.

I always share my toys with my partner. Especially since he plays so well and is so cooperative. Besides, hearing you moan when you're cuffed or tied up is definitely one of my guilty (or rather not-so-guilty) pleasures.

Sketch away my young artiste. You know that next to your hands-on artistic endeavors I relish viewing your more professional artistic endeavors. Speaking of which, you seem to have your mind so focused on my needs and Gus' that you aren't remembering issues involving your own work.

As we were leaving the hidden library studio-of-fun, we bumped into your professor. He saw that your studio was open and your canvases were still wet so he moved them to his office and locked them up.

Justin, don't devalue your work. Your a brilliant artist. You need to respect your art as much as I do. Fuck, even Lindsay has told you more than once that your more gifted than any student she's ever taught, or any other local commodity. I think I may have an idea to rectify this situation.

I called Deb and spoke with her while Gus was watching some fucking puppets dancing and singing on TV. She thinks Mel will be in to meet Michael and Ben for lunch. Deb can be very sneaky and conniving when she wants to be. I'm just glad that this time she's on my, sorry, OUR side. I'll pick you up at 11:30, so you don't have to drag your bountiful, tired ass on a bus to the diner.
28th-Apr-2008 02:31 pm (UTC)
I would like to tease you (I can't help myself) about your legend, but there has never been a lover like Brian Kinney. It's why you're whispered about and watched. Why you could go into Woody's tonight and have at least 20 guys cruise you.

Black sounds good. Plus, you look hot in black also. I will enjoy watching the master at work with buying the car.

BTW, I did finish those sketches for your wayward client you hope to land for Kinnetik. I'll bring them today.

Um, about my art. Fuck. I have the choice of taking a lower grade (an A- or B+) in one of my classes or auditing it. When I talked to my professor about it, she said it was because I was obviously 'distracted.' Ethan, Stockwell, all the stuff in my life. I said I could handle it, but I guess I screwed up and showed myself to be just as young as my school mates.

I didn't want to tell you I fucked up.

So yeah, distracted. I'll go and get those canvases, thanks.

Wearing handcuffs for you. Do you know why I love it? Because it reminds me of how nervous I felt the first time. There was no going back when I saw you, a living work of art you encouraged me to be brave enough to touch, but I didn't know what we would do or how it would feel.

Packing up. See you soon.
28th-Apr-2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
You know I'm typing into the Treo so no one hears what I have to say, including Gus.

On Tuesday night, after Gus goes home we're going to Woody's, Michael asked about getting together with he and Ben and I didn't want to turn him down, again.

Lets look at those sketches after dinner. We can let Gus sit on my lap and include him in the conversation, he'll love looking at your "pretty pictures".

You did NOT fuck up! Take the fucking lower grade. You're an artist -- who gives a shit what your grade is in a class. I can't imagine a gallery owner asking for your transcript. Move forward and forget about the assholes that distracted you. That's my job now -- in a much more enticing way.

Recreating the feelings of that first night would be fucking hot, especially if I'm not on E at the time.

Can you believe Mel's reaction to Gus?

"Hi sweety. Mama missed you. I'm busy talking with Uncle Michael and Uncle Ben now, but I'll call you later this week when you're back home with Mommy."

What the fuck! I'm just glad that Michael and Ben were witnesses. Did you see Ben's face? And when Deb saw what happened and told Mel, "Go sit with your fucking kid for 10 minutes. Michael's a big boy, he can wait to chat," I thought Mel would faint. At least she didn't argue.

I plan to spoil Gus rotten so he doesn't miss that bitch one bit. He'll love playing with all the cars later today, but first nap time -- for all of us.
28th-Apr-2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
Typing on my Treo on the ride home, so this will be brief.

Yes to Woody's tomorrow night. I have the sense you are doing some intelligence work with Ben and Michael, but maybe I'm wrong.

I will take the lower grade.

Brian, Gus asked me when I helped him choose some lemon bars that since his mama doesn't want him anymore, maybe you do?


I'll say no more.

I really need to give Gus a hug, watch him fall asleep with his bear, and then lie under you.

Edited at 2008-04-28 05:14 pm (UTC)
28th-Apr-2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
I knew you were typing in the Treo and it seemed strange that you insisted on taking Gus upstairs yourself for his nap. Now I understand why. I think it's time to light a fire under Jonathan. I'll call tomorrow after I drop Gus off at day care in the morning.

There's no fucking way I'm letting my son think he isn't wanted. I know what that feels like. No fucking way!!!

I'll be up in a minute, I just need some time alone after reading this. Then we can have some time for just the two of us.

28th-Apr-2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Gus likes the black model. When I knelt down and asked him why he said it looked like Daddy's 'business.' I think that translates as 'take me seriously.'

Gus is wanted and after our nap together, I'm sure you see how very much I want his father also.
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